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Common Questions

Know Us Common Questions

Common Questions

I don't Understand Pricing
Different prices are set by telcos (i.e. not by us). You can find more pricing information on the Rates page.
I attempted to fund my wallet but i received operation failed, invalid format, why?
Will i get a refund if an SMS Delivery fails?
What is the minimum amount i can fund my wallet with using card?
How do i make payment in the bank so that it would reflect in my eShopSMS Wallet immediately?
Is there any payment method apart from the bank option?
What could be the possible cause for sms failure?
How do i know the DND number on eShop SMS so as to avoid sending bulk sms to them?
If i send a message on DND Services, do i get charged?


What is eShop SMS webview?
Webview is an option that allows you to send sms on your website or your desktop without having to write any code or enter your password.
How can i put webview on my website?
How can i put Webview on my Desktop?
Is Webview Secure?
What if someone gets access to my webview code by mistake?
Can I disable webview after it has been enabled?
Do I need to login to use the generated webview code?
Can a single webview code work for multiple eShop SMS accounts?
What is the usefulness of eShop SMS webview?

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